An update on this newsletter

Pausing subscriptions while I get my shit together

Hi everyone,

I wanted to provide a quick update on this newsletter —

I’ve been writing Sunday Scaries / Lindy Letters since April 2019. For the last two years I’ve published an essay per week as a creative outlet for what’s on my mind.

I enjoy writing. It’s cathartic and makes me a better thinker. Occasionally, I actually write something that I think is worth reading (although my need for perfection prevents me from posting most of what I write).

This meandering path has been great for the creative process (me) and not great for the end reader (you). So I’m going to mix it up.

I’m still deciding on the final structure, but it will likely be some combination of:

  1. Shorter posts for subscribers who are used to my messiness

  2. Longer but less frequent posts for the free list

  3. A monthly roundup of what I’ve been reading

I’ve paused subscriptions while I figure this out. If you’re new here feel free to use this time to check out some of my older posts. If you’re a long-time subscriber, thanks for sticking with me.

If you haven’t filled out the feedback form yet, I’d still love to hear from you.

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Talk soon,